All about my Summer Internship at Tory Burch

Summer of 2019. New York City. Brooklyn. 11 W 19th St. Interning at Tory Burch this past summer was something out of a dream- something out of my dreams. To walk to the same halls as Tory, meet other interns, and work in a thriving, ever-changing, and fast-paced environment was truly awe-inspiring. Keep reading this post to learn more about my internship, and some questions people had about it.

What department did you work in?

I entered the building on May 30th,2019 as a Product Development, Shoes Intern. That means, my department was in charge of being the bridge between EVERYTHING. We worked closely with the design, merchandising, and production teams to ensure everyone’s vision for the collection was actually coming to life. Pretty much, we were taking design’s ideas, and talking with the factories to ensure everything is developed to standard!

What was your favorite part of the internship? 

What wasn’t? I am majoring in Supply Chain Management in school. My major directly correlated with what I was doing! Love! After this internship, I feel more confident than ever about my major. If I had to say what my favorite part was, it would be how closely we worked with the design team. It did not always feel like work. I felt like I was able to create the designs as well and learn more about the brand from a costing, selling, and storytelling standpoint. It was a perfect balance between creative and technical.

Opportunity to contribute in meaningful ways? 

From day UNO. YES. Right, when I started- I found several gaps and presented ways to close and/or fix them by the end of my internship. One big one was the way we keep track of outgoing shipments. I am a huge organizer and I was able to start a new initiative that will be successful long after I am gone (let’s hope I return!) 🙂

What part was the most challenging for you? Most rewarding? 

The entire time; well, in the beginning, I felt like I should have been in school for fashion, specifically design or merchandising. This world is completely new and of its own and the terms and language was very different. Picking up on all the processes and speech was tough- especially in meetings or review sessions. In contrast- the most rewarding was being able to learn it. I loved learning it and it inspired me to pursue this passion deeper. I’ve always wanted to go to grad school- I think I am starting to figure out what specialty it may be for. 🙂

 How is workplace culture at Tory Burch? Opportunity to contribute in meaningful ways? 

GREAT. It is very corporate but without the suits and 2-inch heels. I get to wear what I want to work that is still stylish and presentable. I can go to work in heels and a dress or jeans, t-shirt, and clean vans and not feel out of place either way. We have summer Fridays which means we get off at 1 pm on Friday. And, just to brag, the employee discount is pretty nice 🙂

To say the least, I really really enjoyed my internship; it did not feel like an internship but rather a job that I actually enjoyed.



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