My New Space: Howard Plaza Towers

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Hello Light

Sophomore year requires an upgraded space. Since I lived in an overcrowded situation last year, I wanted my dorm to be as open and as peaceful as possible. So, I have created a space that allows me to chill out and step away from the pressure of school.

  1. Mirror is sold out but, I got it on sale at Kirklands.
  2. Jewlery organizations are from Bed Bath & Beyond.
  3. Acrylic makeup organizer is from Amazon.
  4. Vanity Light is from Impressions Vanity.

Last year, the trunk served as a place to keep my valuables. Since I am in my own room now, I decided it would be a good coffee table where my friends and I could lounge by.

Also, the rug is from Amazon!

For the desk area, I had to purchase a cheap drawer unit from Ikea. All of the desk accessories are from Bed Bath and Beyond and are VERY affordable.

I love for my room to smell good. It really helps with my mood and my overall “open space” in a small room. My mom got this specific diffuser for me while on vaction.

In addition to good smells, I have terrible allergies so, I need GREAT air. This humidifier really helps with keeping the air moist; also from Amazon!

I still have to share a bathroom so, I keep all of my toiletries on this caddy (from my local home goods). this makes it really easy to just roll in and out of my room into the bathroom! curtains are fom ikea!

This tv console really makes the room feel more like an apartment than a dorm. I got it from walmart

The best part of the room is my “memory wall”. It has a lot of things that remind me of someone, a moment, or an experience in my life. 

  • The baby photo is me. no meaning.
  • Photo of me and my pops.
  • The heart is my moms handwriting from something she sent me on valentines day.
  • Polaroid of me and my lil sis.
  • Picture of me and my granny in Vegas.
  • Luv it’s frozen custard receipt. I actually did not mean to keep this. I got it the day before I left home and it fell out of my wallet while I was unpacking. decided to keep it- reminds me of home.
  • Black polaroid sheet is from my photo showcase.
  • Photo of me in front of my neighborhood overpass.
  • Photo of my cousin, who recently passed. reminds me of him.
  • Clipboard is of my uncle. He sent me a scan of his black panther press pass… reminds me to always speak up.. closed mouths don’t get fed.
  • Cactus reminds me of las vegas.
  • And finally, the Cedric Crear note from my dad’s recent election.

I truly believe that space where someone wakes up and goes to sleep every day sets the tone for their day. Try to make your space what you want, nothing fancy. Hopefully, it will inspire and motivate you to leave your personal space and release all the greatness you have to give to the public world.



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