Inspiration: Old Middle School Photos

While I was cleaning out my email, I ran into some really old photos. I was so shocked to see myself and what life was like for me in 2013. Before looking at these photos, I felt a void in my photography. After, I was re-inspired to pick up my camera again.

An Old “Mood Board”

Currently, my photography is for other people and it shouldn’t be that way. Yes, I find joy in taking creative and beautiful photos, but not as much as I did when I was taking these casual photos.

I want to get back to expressing any and every thought of creativity- good or bad.

Through the shuffle of life, it seems as though I forgot why I started taking photos in the first place- to have something to hold onto as years passed.

My first time in NY @ Shake Shack

A time before Instagram… where how you posed and edited a photo was not even a thought; you just took the photo and held onto it.

When I look at some of these photos, I remember the feeling of how present I was in the moment and in my surroundings. Life is so precious and as much as you may get told that or tell yourself that, I think that we are all vicitms ( myself of included) of forgetting that sometimes

I’m not a big on forcing reflection. Kinda like inspiration, reflections comes to you at the oddest times- often to remind you of either you of you are and/or how far you have come. When reflection does hit, whatever God (whomever if anyone you believe in) uses to allow you to see it, grab it.

For me, it was looking at these photos. For you, it may be what someone says, simply crossing the street, or looking at yourself in the mirror. Whatever it is, take a breath, slow down your fast paced life, and really reflect on what you want to get out of life and remind yourself to make that your number one priority, day in and day out.



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