Staying in My Bag

Staying in My Bag

Day in and day out, I am always reaching into my bag for something; so I can moisturize my lips, pay for an iced chai, or pull out something to save me from the sticky situations I find myself in (dead phone, lost metro card, garlic breath before meeting someone).

For some time, the term “in my bag” is used to allow publications to show what is inside celebrities bags. Now, =Millennials and Generation Z use the term a little bit differently. “In my bag” is the act of being in your own world; focused; being in the zone; on your grind. I find that what is in my everyday bag keeps me “in my bag” throughout the day. Keep reading to see what I keep “in my bag” and ways to stay in yours.

In My Bag

Other than my laptop, charger, and phone, this is what I keep in my bag.

Minimalist Business Cards $40 (Price Varies)

I have had business cards since I was in high school. It is a necessity. Just like writing a handwritten thank- you note, business cards are old school, classic, and timeless; all things that show you are prepared, ready to connect and put yourself, network (NET WORTH), and brand out there.

Airpods are everything. I was against them at first but, once my cord broke and one earbud went out on my old headphones- I decided to make the switch. Not to mention, this case makes it easy to keep track of them.

Being organized= being on time (early), prepared, and ahead. Simple. Get a planner so you can write down everything from all the tasks filling up your notes tab to big meetings/ events.

Glossier Pouch (Free w/ Purchase)

-Get some Glossier in your life. Solution and Cloud Paint in Dawn are my favs. You get this sturdy pouch with your purchase and it holds everything in one place- so it is not floating around your purse.

Tic Tac Mints

Keep your breath fresh! Not a good look to have lunch breath at a 6pm social event.

I really do not know if I will ever make the switch to newer menstrual devices but, I do love 100% cotton tampons. This brand is cool because they donate a pack to those in need and in the process- my cramp pain is extremely decreased.

10/10 recommend that you get a small size of your favorite perfume. Since being in NY, I have noticed that I may smell like the many horrid scents of the city. Pop into Sephora and just ask for a free sample and keep in it your bag,

It has been a challenge for me to finish a book- I will be honest. But, keeping one in my bag helps me pick it up during any downtime.

Canal Street Glasses $5

I can not keep up with a pair of glasses for the life of me; so I never get an expensive pair. This is my favorite style- I feel like it suits me best.

Forget lip gloss or chapstick; this is both- and then some. I know I know, it says sleeping mask. Trust me, your lips will be soft, moisturized, and thanking you.

Keep these on hand. Buy the mini sizes. Everyone needs a touch up every now and then. Pro Tip: Invest in good makeup. One, to keep your skin intact. Two, it will last longer (This blush has lasted for 2 years; a little goes a long way).

Staying in your Bag

It’s that season to stay in your bag. In all honesty, that season should never end. Whether you are educating yourself in a museum, nose between a book, or grinding at work, these are ways you can make sure you stay in YOUR bag.

Key word: YOUR Bag.

Focus on you- and only you. There is a difference between focus and observing. Feel free to observe, draw inspiration, and even motivation from others. We all need each other. In contrast, do not conflict the two. It is okay to focus on yourself. Know this: you are not required to set yourself on fire- to keep others warm. Be selfish and do you. Trust- I get it. It is easier said than done. Just keep your head up.

Notice when you are OUT of your Bag.

Life happens and we are not always put together. The key to getting back into your groove is to acknowledge that you are out of it. Take time to deal with the situation and think of ways, that best suit you, to get out of it. Maybe it is treating yourself to some food or talking it out to yourself. For me, it is going to Church. The best piece of advice I can give is from Pastor Kristen at Trinity Church Harlem, “Battles aren’t won by one warrior, they’re won by an army. God wants to surround you with a community who will fight for you.” #CHURCHGIRL

Get yourself together. Pick yourself up. Get up and Go!

Check off your boxes, one at a time.

I am guilty of getting overwhelmed. Partially, it is due to the fact that I have so many things that I am passionate about and want to achieve. Do this exercise: 1. Sit Down. 2. Breath In, Breath Out. 3. Silence the things around you, become calm and be still with yourself. 4. Ask yourself, “What do I want to do?” 5. Answer. 6. Make a list, do it, and do not rush yourself in the process.

Be content with the size of your Bag.

It is not about how “deep” your bag is. Contrary to what everyone thinks, it is actually better to have a bag that has room for everything, than a bag that is bursting at the seams. Refer back to your list, prioritize.

(Ok I lied) Get a bigger bag, don’t stuff it.

Lemme lemme upgrade youuuu (cue Beyonce). Speak it into existence that you will outgrow your bag (but do not rush it)! You will gain more passions, interests, and most of all, income! I can guarantee you that the richest people in the world do not only have one source of income. For me, it is not about becoming a billionaire (who am I kidding, it would be nice) but, it is about changing the stigma in our community to live a life with one “job”. (I plan to do a whole post about Side Hustles.) Let your bag grow as you boss up.

Your Bag is only for you.

My comes before bag for a reason. It is only yours. Own it. Grow with it. Accept it. Run with it and keep it on your shoulder; because it is not going to be an easy journey with it, but you have the power to control what goes in and out of it.

Well, I hope after reading this, you feel inspired to get in your bag. Stay there, be content with every phase your bag goes through, and most of all- have fun in that bag!



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