Glamping Themed Birthday Party

Before you read this, please keep fighting for Breonna Taylor!

I got so many questions on my Instagram on how I achieved this Glamping Themed Party for my sister’s 16th! The night was filled with card games, tie-dye pajamas, and lots of sugar! My mom and I got really creative to make it cute and the hardest part was the tent! Below, I have linked where we got everything!

We rented the tent from Life inTents and it was amazing. This was the most expensive thing and everything else we either already had or just bought really cheap! You can find the tent here!

The candle holders are old. You can get creative here and either go to your home store and get a few and put fake or electric candles inside! I suggest Michaels or Home Goods. I also linked one here!

The Area Rug was such a nice touch and made it really homey! Find it linked here. The bin is from HomeGoods and the blankets we already had! Head to your closet or nearest home store- Walmart will be great. The garland, cotton, and flowers are all from Hobby Lobby and were under $10. I think this was the nicest touch!

Inside the tent we go!

Such a huge tent that created tons of space. They slept in it overnight in sleeping bags + tons of blankets and it was a cozy night!

To cover the pole, we used paper flowers and double-sided tape! The plant was already inside of our home and again, you can get something for $20 or under at Hobby Lobby! The grey rug is from a room in our home and the pink rug is linked here. Throw Pillow Covers are also from amazon. These saucer chairs were also a cool feature. It created a “living room” area if you will. Lastly, the pink and white throw blankets that are off to the side.

With my mom’s help, this turned out to be such a cool quarantine party and I was jealous! Below you can find some of the photos from the party.

I hope this inspires you to make the most out of major events at home. Thanks for reading!



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