Bye Bye Dark Spots: Skincare Routine

My skin was terrible in middle school and into high school. Towards the backend of high school, it started to clear up. My skin was so bad that I was constantly at the dermatologists’ office every month, trying to find a product that worked for me.

After trying so many products, my doctor put me on Accutane months. HOLYGRAIL (keep reading, it didn’t fix everything). Often, people are ashamed to say they were on accutane, but not me. I think that everyone needs to see what works for them and this is something that thankfully- worked for me. Once my skin cleared up and a new layer of skin was revealed, my breakouts were minimized to once a month (oh mother nature), and my skin was softer and smoother.

If you are looking to try some new skincare products, or want to hear my 2-cents on them, read below.

Skin Type: Normal | Problems: Dark Spots, Minor Breakouts, Discoloration

Makeup/ Day Remover

As of late, I have not been wearing makeup. When I do, this is what I use to take it all off. They are really good at getting everything thing off and retaining moisture- perfect for those lazy nights where I don’t feel like doing my whole routine.

It is super important to clean all of the dirt off from the day- especially when wearing makeup. I typically use this when I want to double cleanse to ensure I am really getting all of the dirt and makeup residue off of my skin. This cleanser is very much so a conditioning face wash- great for winter months.

Face Wash

Let’s get into my favorite part of my routine- face wash!! I recently started using this turmeric face wash and let me just say. Not only does it clean and not dry out your face, but it makes your face feel firm afterward. It does a great job of smoothing out your skin and REMOVING DARK SPOTS. I have only used this for two weeks, once a day (at night), and it has already lightened my marks.

I alternate between the CMR face wash and this Urban Skin RX face wash (in the morning). I received a free sampHowarda howard event (what’s new) and I actually really liked it; not because of the way it made my skin feel or look, but with consistent use of it, it actually cleared up the dark spots around my cheeks.


Glossier’s Solution is a new additon to my skincare routine. Proven to keep your skin in tip top-top, it has helped my skin stay acne free. I use it as a preventive to help mimizize pimples. So far- I really like it and an imporvement in my skin.


Fresh’s toner is something I have started to use during the winter months. Normally, I use Thayer’s Witch Hazel but, it wasn’t getting the job done. This toner feels very soothing and helps kickstart the process of restoring moisture back into the face.


This serum helps keep my face moisturized throughout the day. For nighttime, I use Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I really like serums because it’s another way to keep your skin protected and hydrated. I can also tell that it is going to last a long time; I have been using it for two weeks and it still looks like it is brand new- worth the splurge. If you can spend $47 on makeup foundation, brush set, or eyeshadow palette, don’t be hesitant to spend money on things that are great for your skin!

Eye Cream

People seem to forget about eye cream and I was one of those people; up until I found out about this product. My under eye area was one of the driest areas on my face. This cream is so nourishing that every time I use it, I am tempted to use it all over my face! I did not suffer from dark circles under my eyes but, it did help to smooth out any visible dry lines.

Buy. This. Product. This moisutizer is everything and more. That’s all. It moisturizes and also does what it says. Primes your face for makeup or for a bare face by filling in imperfections. Get it. Top 2 and it isn’t number 2.

Well, that’s me! I actually like these products. Some of them are pricey but they all last me at least 5-8+ months.. I’m definitely a person who would rather spend money on skincare than makeup. I hope you really figure out your skincare regime or if you don’t have one, hopefully, this will encourage you to start one! Two words to describe a skincare regimin= trial & error. It took me a very long time to figure out my routine and I am still changing things as my skin changes.



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